I discovered my passion for landscape photography late in life, just prior to my retirement from a Graphic Design business in 2016
Exploring the countryside, discovering new and interesting places and getting close to nature has always been a favourite pastime of mine since early childhood.
I now find that landscape photography is a therapeutic, rewarding, challenging and creative outlet.
As well as finding new places to photograph, I enjoy going back regularly to my favourite places, some of which are close to home. I feel it is useful to get to know a location and enjoy it, without the pressure to get results, when time is limited. It’s also challenging to try and capture something new and refreshing each time I visit.
Looking at my images, you won’t be surprised to learn that my favourite times of day to photograph are the golden and blue hours, when I think the light is at its best.
I also enjoy the post processing side of photography and am increasingly looking to use various creative in-camera and post processing techniques, such as multi exposure and ICM (intentional camera movement), which allow me to create more painterly and impressionistic images.
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